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17 Oct 2017
While every endeavor is made to provide reliable, useful advice on this forum, not every dog is the same and neither food nor medical treatments can be said to apply in every case.

You should use this forum as a RESOURCE to guide your own research and to help you in discussions with your vet - but you absolutely should NOT use information here as your sole basis for changing foods or for medicating your dog.

This forum does not in any way substitute for veterinary services and/or expertise. While we may have a vet who generously participates with us on this forum, it is certain that he/she herself would want you to verify anything/everything you may pick up here with your own vet who knows your dog better than anyone else.

Likewise, we cannot vouch for ANY of the medical or nutritional advice given here; follow any suggestions at your own risk.

One purpose of this forum is to encourage you to form an alliance with your vet - forming a team that will be better able to serve your dogs' needs because BOTH of you have some information to work with instead of you as owner just taking everything for granted.

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17 Oct 2017
If you have had a dog in your house that has been diagnosed with parvo you must clean like you have never cleaned before. The parvo virus is VERY hardy and can live in the environment (carpeting, hard surfaces, bedding, bowls, yard) for many, many years.

First throw EVERYTHING the dog used into a plastic garbage bag, seal it, and take it outside. This means EVERYTHING...bowls, bedding, toys, collar, leash...

Every hard surface where the dog may have been needs to be washed with a bleach and water solution...1 part bleach to 4 parts water. You need to wipe the surface and leave it wet. It is the evaporative oxidation that will kill the virus.

Any hard surface that cannot be bleached should be sprayed until wet with Lysol (only that brand) and allowed to air dry. Let the moisture evaporate, do not wipe dry.

Upholstered furniture and carpeting will need to be professionally cleaned. You will need to advise the cleaning company of your situation so that they can use the most powerful cleaners. Also, the steam cleaning and evaporation as the fabric dries will help.

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17 Oct 2017
On Monday, June 25, 2007 I took my healthy 9 month old Border
Collie Vita swimming at
approximately 6:30 p.m. Vita and two other BC's spent about an
hour and a half diving off
the dock, chasing the Water Kong, and running around.

The temperature that day was just over 90 degrees, but none of
the dogs looked
particularly winded or hot.

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17 Oct 2017
Parvo 2c has been suspected as the cause of death for at least three
adult canines in Kent County and surrounding areas. Two of the three
dogs had a known previous vaccine history and tested positive on the
Idexx Snap Parvo Test. The most current information on Parvo 2c from
the vaccine/shelter medicine specialists around the country is as
Disease: Parvo 2c is a highly virulent strain of the parvo virus that
is extremely fatal in puppies and adult dogs. This strain of parvo
attacks the circulatory organs approximately 24 hours before
attacking the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, by the time a dog is
presented for lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea it is generally too

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16 Oct 2017
Well my cheap camera finally died the other day.

And was looking to replace it with something a bit nicer, that would do a better job.

Currently looking at a Cannon EOS 7D Mark II.

Was actually shocked at some of the prices on some of them at the store.

It seemed to fit what I wanted and was not 5 grand plus laugh.gif.

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